Disk (Woodruff) keys

made to DIN 6888 or SAE
available from stock
available in all materials with/without heat treatment
custom dimensions possible

    Technical drawing Dimensions available to DIN 6888 Dimensions available to SAE

    Height h 1,40 - 16,00 mm
    Length l 3,82 - 43,08 mm
    Width w 1,00 - 10,00 mm

    Customer dimensions available on agreement.

    Height h 0,203 - 0,641 inch
    Length l 0,500 - 1,500 inch
    Width w 0,625 - 0,375 inch

    Disk keys are usually used, as with parallel keys for taper connections, to fix the position of shaft and hub. This form-locking connection is used to transmit torque, for example, from the drive shaft to the gear wheel. Disk keys are also referred to as Woodruff keys.

    The disk key is load-bearing by virtue of its laterally tight fit. It therefore acts as a driver and transmits the torque of the shaft to the component to be driven (drive shaft) or the torque of the driving component to the shaft to be driven (output shaft). The wheel on the generally tapered shaft is secured axially against displacement by a lock nut.

    The standards for disk keys by pattern and dimensions are set by DIN 6888. For the tolerance of the slot width, a fit with P9 for a tight seat or N9 for a light seat are usually used in accordance with DIN 7155. The width of the disk key is therefore equivalent to a tolerance h9 (lower deviation = 0). The height of the disk is tolerated to h12. Design and calculation guidelines for machine key connections are set out in DIN 6892.

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