The history of the company

The company was founded by Hans Crummenerl in 1955 in Freidlin near Herscheid. The first small iron parts and machine keys were made in a small workshop behind the living house.

In 1962/63 the company moved to a new building in the outskirts of Herscheid. The production facility was expanded several times over the years and the production area covered several thousand square metres.

Our plant today Foto Dr. N├Ągele

On 01.01.2012 Dr.-Ing. Hubert Nägele took over the majority of the company shares. Dr. Nägele was born as son of diplomats in Singapur and spent most of his childhood in foreign countries. After military service and university study of mechanical engineering at the University of Clausthal he made a phd in metal forming techniques at the University of Hannover. After several stations in Industry he quit his job as CEO and took over the majority at the Crummenerl GmbH. Dr. Nägele is married and has 3 kids.

The technology of the company used has been continuously updated and the company now has a wide range of machinery at its disposal. At Crummenerl, we use modern CNC and metalworking technology to provide customers with outstanding quality, at competitive pricing and performance-ratio and very short delivery times.

Beginning of 2016 the plant was moved to a new and much bigger facility in Plettenberg, which is located in a distance of 15 Km from the old plant. The plant is now much bigger and offers excellent possibilities for future growth. With the new facility the material flow was reorganized using value stream analysis methods and resulted in a nearly ideal value stream within the production.

Herefore we did together with the ILS GmbH from Karlsruhe an value stream analysis and the material flow inside the production was newly organised on this basis. [ to the article ]

Our plant until February 2016